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We don’t live in a static world. We are constantly changing and evolving for the purpose of finding better ways of doing things.  Inventions and innovations occur many times because of necessity.  As the world changes around us, we must adapt just so we can fit in, or just to have a chance of survival.  We see this over and over again not only in nature, but in business too.

RxPortyl, which is a virtual mobile prescription app for radiology was conceived to make the daily activities better and more efficient for both doctors and imaging centers.

Time and time again, when it was time for me to send a prescription for radiology, it was always the same problem:  First, I never knew who to send the prescription to.  I knew that there was an MRI marketing rep that came in and gave me some cards;  I knew there were some brocheurs dropped off by  someone the week before, but honestly, those papers either ended up in the garbage or were just lost some place in the office. Sometimes, if I gave a written prescription to the patient, they would lose the prescription, not go for the scan, or go to an imaging center that I did not like.

I asked myself for months why I could not have a system in my office that would be connected to a radiology center, similar to the systems that the diagnostic companies like Labcorp or Quest placed in medical offices, so that there was a direct link from the doctor’s office to the lab.   I knew that this would be revolutionary for both the doctors, and also the imaging centers, as it would be as simple as pressing a few buttons, at the point of care.  I imagined being able to send digital patient prescription directly to an imaging center, so the imaging center would immediately get the patient prescription in a lightning fast way, legible, and with patient contact information, so all the MRI center had to do was schedule the patient for the MRI.

Wow! The amount of time something like this would save doctors would be great.  And, it would be incredible how much the imaging center would benefit having this electronic connection.  It would be great that they could give this smart phone app to the doctors in the community that they have been marketing so inefficiently for years.    I was determined to create a mobile app that would solve all these problems that I mentioned, and maybe even change the world.

“From this point it has been a very exciting ride.”

After months deciding on best possible workflow to start, I formed a team.  I found the best mobile app developer and computer programmer in South Florida.  We formed a company called RxPortyl Solutions, LLC, and together we got to work building a program which will change the way prescriptions are sent in for radiiology.

If you are a health care provider referring patients for radiology, your work day will suddenly get a little easier.  If you are an imaging center, you can expect more prescriptions for scans in legible copy.   You can also expect a smoother work flow of patients, not having to worry about rescheduling patents or scheduling delays because a patient doesn’t have their prescription with them at the time of their appointment.  No more redundant waste of time phone calls to the doctor just to get the prescription quickly faxed the last minute.

The business of radiology just got a little better.

-Dr. Alan Himmel