What Is RxPortyl?

RxPortyl takes the place of the old fashioned prescription pad that physicians use to order diagnostic imaging for their patients.

Using a mobile device, the doctor can send a prescription from his exam room or his livingroom.

The mobile application is BRANDED directly to the imaging center so the physician always knows who to refer to, and never needs to worry about the imaging center’s contact information or fax number. We pride ourselves for being your BRANDED, first of its kind marketing solution for 21st century imaging centers.

RxPortyl is SIMPLE!

ONE:   First, the imaging facility acquires licensing rights for RxPortyl. This means we will deliver the mobile prescription pad application, which has all the imaging center’s information built in. This includes your facility name, address, telephone, fax number, including email address will be built into the app. The mobile prescription pad is now a “BRANDED” portal from the physician directly to YOUR facility.

TWO:   The imaging center will simply distribute the BRANDED mobile prescription pad to all of their best referring physicians just like they would deliver a paper prescription pad to the doctor. Marketing reps love this business strategy, because it instantly connects the doctor to their imaging center. Now the doctor has a direct portal to the imaging center in the palm of his hand.

THREE:  The doctor will now begin sending electronic prescriptions using their RxPortyl mobile prescription pad application to your imaging facility. The doctor will never have to remember your company name, telephone, fax or email address. You will receive prescriptions that are legible, and with patient contact information, and insurance info. All the imaging center has to do at that point is call and schedule the patient.

“When you give your doctors a portal to your imaging center, they will appreciate the convenience of being electronically connected to you, instantly creating loyalty, and they will write more prescriptions.”

-Dr. A. Himmel