The best pricing plan is one which suits your business best.  In other words, if you are company which specializes in diagnostic ultrasound, your pricing structure would be different than if you mainly perform MRI and CT scans.  Moreover, if your imaging company mainly takes managed care insurance or Medicaid for example, your pricing schedule would be different than an imaging center who takes mainly accident cases.

Affiliate Program:

Are you a marketing rep who works for an medical imaging company?  Since we are sure you will beneifit from RxPortyl, why wouldn’t you be interested in linking our company to your company?

You will benefit two ways:  One, your facility will soon be receiveing more prescriptions.  This means money on your paycheck. Secondly, you will receive a handsome commission from RxPortyl when your company incorporates us with you.

This is what you call a win-win.  Call us for details. 954-659-8600 or email us.