Designed to Hook the Doctor and Imaging Center Together

Our mobile app is designed to hook the doctor and the imaging center together.

And, we did this with both the doctor and the imaging center in mind. The doctor never needs to worry about which imaging facility to send his patient to anymore.  RxPortyl “hooks” the physician and keeps the him loyal, which is a constant struggle for marketing liaisons.  The truth is that you are competing with every other radiology group on the block.  And, you guessed it, this is because these companies are marketing the same doctors that you’re marketing.

So, we considered the needs of both your radiology company and the doctor.

What do your doctors want?

They want to concentrate on practicing medicine and less about who is going to get paid to do the scan.  You are not so important that you just need to leave some business cards and brochures at the physician’s office, and the doctor is going to think of you and only you, each time he gets ready to write a script.  The truth is, he doesn’t care where the patient goes, as long as the job gets done, and it gets done well.  So why not take the thinking out of it for the doctor and link him to your facility with an mobile electronic prescription pad application that is branded directly to YOU?

Our Mobile Application is Designed to Electronically Hook or Link Your Imaging Center Together With Your Referring Doctors.

Just about everyone is using a smartphone or a tablet by now, including doctors, and doctors are using these devices more and more in the exam and treatment room.  So, when the doctor needs to write a prescription, he will use this mobile app, which is linked directly to you, the imaging center, without even thinking about it.

There is no longer a need to worry about remembering the name of your company, finding your fax number, and faxing over the script.  Moreover, the doctor never has to worry that his patient will go to an inferior imaging facility, not make the appointment, or simply lose the paper prescription.  The doctor just touches a few buttons on his phone or tablet and the patient’s prescription is sent securely and safely to YOUR facility, electronically.  You, the imaging center will benefit because all you have to do at this point is call the patient and schedule him.  The prescription is in your hands immediately.  No more calling the doctor’s office over and over again just to get them to re-fax the script. Electronic scripts with RxPortyl will cut down on errors due to doctor’s handwriting.  And, the electronic prescriptions will cut down on scheduling delays and workflow hold ups.

RxPortyl is easy to use and it will be a pleasure for the doctor to use the application, showing his patient that he is savvy, up to date, and hi-tech.

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