Simple Solution

Connecting your imaging company to your network of doctors.

With both the doctor and the imaging center in mind, we created a utility that benefits both the doctor and the imaging center.  The doctor never needs to worry about which imaging facility to send his patient to anymore.  RxPortyl connects the physician to you and keeps the the doctor loyal, which is a constant struggle in this competitive marketplace.  The truth is that your radiology company is competing with every other radiology company on the block.  Your competition is marketing the same doctors that YOU are marketing.

We considered the needs of both your radiology company and the doctor.  What do your doctors want? They want to concentrate on treating patients and not about the five different MRI company brochures left in his office that week.

You can leave business cards and brochures at doctor’s offices, but these things get thrown away or lost quickly.  So what is the solution?.  You obviously want the doctor to think of only you when its time to make that referral.  So, how do you make sure the doctor always has your company at the tip of his fingers?  You must put your own prescription app on his mobile device.   RxPortyl takes the thinking out of it for the doctor.  RxPortyl links the doctor directly to your facility with an mobile electronic prescription pad application that is branded directly to YOU!  That is, we place your name and other information on your app, and we virtually connect the app to your fax number and/or email.  The doctor only has to press the “send” button, and the referral goes to YOU.

Just about everyone is using a smartphone or a tablet by now, including doctors and nurses, and doctors are using these devices more and more in the exam and treatment room.  The script can be sent by anyone in the doctors office as well.  So, when the doctor needs to write a prescription, let him reach for his phone or tablet, which is linked directly to your imaging center, without even thinking about it.

RxPortyl is easy to use and it will be a pleasure for the doctor to use the application, showing his patient that he is savvy, up to date, and hi-tech.