Radiology Marketing

We know your pain.  I mean we truly understand.  You have a very high overhead business. Your MRI machine could cost a quarter million dollars used, to over a million dollars for one of the new high field machines.  We also know that its expensive to pay the salaries of your employees, which include techs and radiologists, rent and insurances, not to mention the cost just to maintain one of those units.

And, at RxPortyl, we know that you endure a daily stuggle to obtain new patients by hiring physician liaisons, and sending them around to the doctors in your community in the hopes that these marketing reps will form a connection with a doctor and the doctor will send patients your way. Additionally, once you have that bond with the doctor, then in order to keep him loyal, you have to continue to cultivate that doctor.  It’s a grind.  One doctor at a time, in the hopes he will refer patients…

So, your success in the diagnostic imaging business primarily depends on one thing: You have to get new patients.  You can have the fanciest building or MRI center with all the bells and whistles of the newest technology and marble floors, and even have the best trained people. However, none of those things will neccessarily help you get an edge among your competition if you are not generating new patients.

If you are not getting new patients, then you simply won’t survive.

RxPortyl is a first of its kind mobile app which is BRANDED to your facility.  It is always in the pocket of your referring doctor so you always have an electronic connection with him.  Don’t bother reading another secret white paper.  Don’t waste any more money with marketing consultants or gurus.  RxPortyl is an all-in-one solution.  You won’t find another system like it no matter how hard you look, unless its an inferior copy.  We are excited to introduce you to RxPortyl.