Our Message

Everything starts with the new patient.  Your State-of-the-art High Feild MRI machine and your great technicians, marketing representatives, and radiologists come second. As well, simply having the nicest radiology facility on the block has little bearing on how successful your imaging facility is, if you are simply not seeing enough new patients.  Since the first stop for the patient is the ordering physician, and you must receive referrals from physicians in order for your radiology company to thrive, why would you not want that physician to be connected via your own portal?  RxPortyl is based on this simple idea.  You CANNOT afford not to have this BRANDED prescription pad in the hands of your doctors.


Simplicity.  Its a word we use quite often at RxPortyl.  At work, in this technological age we live in, we get bogged down with complicated office systems. Systems that were originally designed to make our business more streamline and efficient can be so complicated with such a great learning curve, that they can be a huge headache for weeks and months, until you and your staff figure out how they work.  We value your time.  RxPortyl was developed by physicians for the physician and imaging center in mind.  After a brief setup, the doctor will be able to send a prescription to your radiology facility and it will take under a minute, the first time he uses it.? That’s RxPortyl.

That’s Simplicity.