Doctor Loyalty!

When the Marketing rep leaves the doctor, that connection instantly weakens, and you lose that bond 

RxPortyl stays with the doctor in the palm of his hand, even when he leaves his office, so scans can be ordered in seconds from anywhere at anytime to your facility.

Its true.  Your physician liaisons work very hard.  They work hard to establish the relationship between your radiology company and the doctor, to create loyalty.  The tightness of that relationship will determine whether or not that doctor will send you the occasional script, or most of his patients.  And, these relationships have to be cultivated continuously in order just to keep the physician sending those MRI scans to you.  Its a never ending job, which all radiology centers must deal with.

Since RxPortyl is programmed to send the script directly to your facility, the doctor can write and send a prescription to your facility without having to know your fax number or email address. When the doctor has the RxPortyl app on his device, YOU are going to get the scan when he writes it, and no other company.  This creates a loyal doctor.

No amount of company sponsored happy hours or lunches can match the marketing power of RxPortyl.  Our mobile application is ALWAYS in the hand or pocket of your referring doctor.

Forget giving the doctor your printed paper prescription pads.

Give the doctor RxPortyl.